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After 23 years of research and development, Mdoloris Inc has released a heart rate variability monitoring device. The HFVI technology (High frequencies variability index) can be used in any operation room for any type of surgery. It can also be used in the PACU, ICU, during opioid free anesthesia (OFA) and hypnosis. Thanks to the algorithm, the HFVI monitor can help physicians evaluate the high frequency component of the heart rate variability in all types of patients, both unconscious or conscious.

How it works




The calculation of our index relies on obtaining a series of R-R time intervals from the patient’s ECG signal.



The resulting R-R series are filtered in real-time thanks to a detection algorithm. Each R-R series is then re-sampled, isolated in a temporary window and normalized.



To finish the calculation we take all of the information extracted from the ECG and embed it into the algorithm for analysis.  That analysis allows for display of the indices and their curves..


Mdoloris Medical Systems was created in June of 2010 in Lille, France.  Six years later, we are present in 59 countries around the world. . Our technology is used in more than 320 University Hospitals in Europe and  and we believe more than 50,000 patients have benefited from the added value of the HFVI monitor.








Discover our Veterinarian product

Behavioral rating scale models are widely biased by scorers subjectivity of the clinical context. This bias may inhibit the scoring of the behavioral response of the animal. The challenge for veterinarians is to objectively assess pain experienced by the animal. The challenge for veterinarians is to assess objectively the pain experienced by the animal, especially during surgery. The PTA technology (Parasympathetic Tone Activity) allows an optimal management of analgesia particularly during surgery.  Optimal analgesia management allows for a smoother emergence for anesthesia and facilitates a better recovery.


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